Language Learning Programs

Mercari provides language learning opportunities in order to create an inclusive communication environment.

Language Culture at Mercari

At Mercari, we have a diverse workforce with many different backgrounds. We have a variety of native languages, but Japanese and English are most commonly used in our work. The need to communicate in English is increasing, and more and more of our members are learning English every year. We offer a wide range of language learning programs to help our members perform at their best, tailored to our business needs. In addition to English, we also offer a Japanese language learning program to help non-native Japanese speakers feel more comfortable living and working in Japan.

Another unique feature is our Yasashii (Easy and Kind) Communication program. This is a program that focuses on the essence of communication, where people can come together and understand each other’s challenges, rather than expecting everyone to be able to speak perfect English or Japanese. We believe that it is an important value of our language culture that we never lose sight of the essence of understanding each other, rather than just providing language education and support.

It’s about empathy, understanding each others’ challenges and building bridges to support communication.

Language Level Criteria

We use three language levels in our recruitment process based on the CEFR(*): Basic (CEFR – A2), Independent (CEFR – B2), and Proficient (CEFR – C1).

Level Definition Can-Do Statements for English and Japanese
(CEFR – A2)
Can communicate basic information in your area of expertise with support/accommodation from the other party
  • Able to have 1-on-1 meetings with your manager with their support/accommodation
  • Able to have brief discussions with an individual colleague to exchange opinions and small talk about work with their support/accommodation
(CEFR – B2)
Can exchange complex information in your area of expertise with limited support/accommodation from the other party
  • Able to have 1-on-1 meetings without language hindering communication
  • Able to participate in discussions about familiar topics with several people, including native speakers
(CEFR – C1)
Can independently exchange complex information inside and outside your area of expertise without support/accommodation from the other party
  • Able to participate in multi-person discussions on abstract and unfamiliar topics

*Clickherefor more information about CEFR (External Link: Council of Europe)

Language Learning Programs

With its dedicated in-house Language Education Team (LET), Mercari offers both English and Japanese programs to support our members in their learning.

Japanese Learning Program

Program Name Overview
Japanese Group Lesson
This is an original lesson program that teaches Japanese through situations that members of the Mercari group often encounter inside and outside the company. The program was developed by observing the behavior and needs of members in order to acquire the skills needed to live in Japan and communicate effectively with other members. One of the features of this program is that learners can quickly acquire conversational skills that they can actually use. This course is designed for members with Japanese CEFR – Pre-A1 to A2.
Japanese Coaching Program
(Merpay only)
This is an original language coaching program that aims to help Merpay members who need Japanese for their work to reach Japanese CEFR – B2 or higher. The program focuses on improving speaking skills, and the participating members set their own goals as well as create and implement their own learning plans.

English Learning Program

Program Name Overview
English Program This program aims to help members who need English for their work reach CEFR-B2. The program is being implemented to enable members to communicate effectively and become globally active talent at Mercari. The target for this program are members who are B1 and below, who are assigned to a position for which English education is prioritized, and who can commit to studying 5 or more hours per week.
Independent Speaking Program This is an original program designed to help English learners of B1 and above improve their English speaking skills independently. The program is designed to support employees develop long-term study habits by planning and implementing plans independently without relying on a trainer or coach. The program targets members who have achieved CEFR – B1 or above in English, and they are expected to actively seek feedback from the trainer and share information with other learners.
Online English Conversation
Practice Program
Employees can take English conversation lessons anytime, anywhere from their computer, smartphone or tablet through this external service. All members working in the Mercari group are eligible for this service.

English & Japanese Program

Program Name Overview
Yasashii (Easy and Kind) Communication This is an original training program that aims to help participants learn what makes English difficult for English learners as well as what parts of Japanese are difficult for Japanese learners, with the goal of finding new ways of communicating that are easier to understand. The aim is to create an inclusive communication environment where everyone can participate in discussions and where language is not a barrier to expressing one’s own opinions and understanding the opinions of others. We do not expect participants to be able to speak perfect English or Japanese, but rather to value the essence of communication, which is to understand each other, and to find communication best practices. By sharing the struggles and difficulties of language learning, we can and deepen mutual understanding. The target for this training is teams that have English/Japanese learners and native speakers.
Mercari English /
Japanese Communication Test
These are the English and Japanese speaking tests for members working in the Mercari group. The tests are designed to measure speaking ability, which is the key focus at Mercari. The tests are scored based on the CEFR assessment method used in many languages. Please note that the tests are applicable to members whose native language is not English and Japanese, respectively.
English Study /
Japanese Study Consultation
We have a contact point where you can consult with LET about language learning methods, including how to plan your studies and set goals. We do this in order to provide an effective approach to individual learning goals and issues. The consultation is provided by a member who specializes in language education. As a result, LET is able to provide suggestions on language learning methods based on an understanding of the individual team environment and work content. All members are eligible for this program.
Native English /
Japanese Check
These services provide proofreading and editing of materials used in presentations or other external-facing events. The feedback ensures that the information is conveyed correctly to the audience. This service is open to all members in the group.
Chat Lunch (currently on hold) This is a program where Mercari members can practice the language they are learning over a meal. The program provides an opportunity to practice in a stress-free environment as a supplement to English and Japanese lessons. All members are eligible for this program.

Mercari’s Japanese/English vocabulary list for engineers

LET created a list of vocabulary words frequently used by engineers after observing meetings in the company. It’s a great study tool for both Japanese and English learners to use thanks to the example sentences that show how the words are used in context.

  • Engineer Vocabulary Lists
  • Voice of Members


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