Commitment to our mission

Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell. Building trust for a seamless society. These are the mission that Mercari Group have set out to achieve. In order to achieve these mission, we have always made bold investments in people, technology, and more. But even among those, we know that what's most important is investing in people. We believe that a team where every single person grows and embodies our values is the fastest way to make our mission a reality.Right now, the Mercari Group is in the middle of a transformation, growing from a startup to a company known around the world. There are so many valuable challenges that we can only face in this stage, and we believe that solving these challenges one by one will lead us to our goal. Don't be afraid to fail: Go Bold.



At Mercari, we have a mission we want to achieve with the help of all of our members

Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell

Building trust for a seamless society


At Mercari, we have three core values to help us in achieving our mission


At Mercari, there are four values that the organization holds dear