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Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell

We believe the world needs a place where people can exchange their loved goods. That’s why we built Mercari—to connect people who want to buy and sell things of emotional value through their mobile phones. Mercari has grown to become a leading community-powered marketplace that brings together millions of people every day.


Go Bold

We strive to make an impact on this world through innovation. We aren’t afraid to go bold and fail, and through this we grow stronger as a company.

All for One

Together we work every day towards making the best product possible. We are constantly aware of the fact that each individual contribution leads to team success, and that’s what truly motivates us.

Be Professional

From top to bottom, Mercari is made up of incredibly talented problem solvers. Everyone has the freedom to make a meaningful impact on the company, and through this grow as an employee.

Work Environment

Output is everything

All product team members (engineers, designers, etc.) are on a flextime schedule, with core hours of 12:00 to 16:00.

Enabling peak performance

Mercari provides employees with PCs tuned to whatever specs are required to get the job done. You are free to upgrade whenever new models are released, and we also provide dual monitors at your request. We also cover the cost of any technical books.

Seminar participation system

Mercari will cover all costs of any seminars that employees wish to join, as long as they submit a report afterwards. And of course, seminars during work hours are also covered.

Think globally

We offer a wide range of language-learning opportunities, from online English classes to language study support. Employees also have many opportunities to go on business trips to our US office and conferences.