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Disability-Inclusive Hiring

At Mercari, we promote disability-inclusive hiring, allowing us to create a work environment where diverse talent can perform efficiently regardless of whether they have any disabilities.

Disability-Inclusive Hiring
at Mercari

Mercari Group’s mission is “circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” Here, “all people” refers to not just Mercari users, but also Mercari employees, also known as “Mercari members.” In order to achieve an organization where the potential of diverse talent can be unleashed regardless of background, we take on I&D efforts as a high-priority business matter and promote various initiatives,  disability-inclusive hiring being one of them.

Mercari has created an environment where members who have worked in disability-inclusive positions before, but haven’t found growth opportunities, and those who wish to take on challenges regardless of any disabilities, can Go Bold and take on the challenges they want.  Join us and let’s lead the future of Mercari together.

Support for Employees

Mercari has established various types of support to accommodate people with disabilities.

  • Barrier-free and wheel-chair accessible restrooms on office floors
  • Text-based communication and voice-to-text captions at meetings for members with auditory disabilities
  • Regular (quarterly) consultations with a contracted public health nurse

Moreover, we implement various benefit packages and accommodate flexible working styles for all Mercari members regardless of whether they have any disabilities.

Your Choice

At Mercari, we give members the freedom to choose where and when they work. Each individual and team can choose the work style that best enables them to demonstrate value and optimize their performance.

Note: Exceptions apply for certain positions and types of work.

Sick Leave

Mercari grants up to ten days a year for sick leave, for use during an injury or sickness. This leave is separate from annual paid leave. Employees are also eligible for sick leave when a family member of the employee comes down with a sickness or is suffering an injury. 

Note that we define “family” as an employee’s spouse or partner, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, or pet.

Merci Box: Empowering employees to Go Bold

To allow our members to give their all, Mercari has established benefits to alleviate concerns that members may have about being able to continue to work at the company during personally trying times. These include allowances upon returning to work (from childbirth/childcare leave, family care leave, and medical leave) and financial support for fertility treatments and egg freezing.

Mercari Athletes

Mercari is currently challenging itself to transform into a company known around the world under the banner of its Group mission: “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” As part of that effort, Mercari is emphasizing its support of para athletes who also have aspirations of a global scale. In addition to providing flexible employment types that allow athletes to focus on their training, we organize events for employees to experience para sports and encourage them to support the games and matches.

Photo of playing wheelchair basketball
Photo of playing deaf futsal
Photo of playing wheelchair basketball
Photo of playing wheelchair basketball

Selection Process

As a general rule, the screening process is as follows: document screening, online interviews, and a final in-person interview.

Note: We also make use of text-based communication, sign-language interpreting, and the auto-caption feature of Google Meet at interviews to accommodate any auditory disabilities. We also provide other types of support to accommodate persons with other types of disabilities, so please feel free to apply for a position.

Open Positions


Q. I have a disability passbook, but I would like to apply for an engineering position as I have experience in engineering. Is it possible?

Yes, absolutely. Please go ahead and apply for the position you like. Feel free to contact our recruiters if you have any questions regarding the screening process or to talk with us about your particular circumstances.

Q. Are the disability-inclusive positions only open to contract employees?

As explained in the job description of each position, we are generally recruiting contract employees. However, a contract employee may also be offered a full-time position based on their performance after joining.

Q. I have regular medical appointments. Would I be able to adjust my work schedule around them?

Yes. Keep in mind that Mercari also has a sick leave system. The company grants up to 10 days a year for sick leave, which is separate from paid holidays, to recover from an illness or injury. You can use your sick leave for your longer medical appointments if needed.

You can also make use of the Your Choice system, which allows every employee to freely choose their working space and working hours, to adjust your work schedule in a way that is convenient for your medical appointments. (Note: Exceptions apply for certain positions and types of work.)

For more information about Your Choice, see this page.

For more information on the benefits and communication support we provide, see this page.

Q. Can I work shorter hours?

As a general rule, we require that our members work full time. Of course, concessions can be made for medical appointments and other health-related issues, for which you can consult your manager.

Q. Do I have to commute? 

As defined under Your Choice, all employees can freely select their work space, but exceptions apply for certain positions and types of work that require commuting. Check the job descriptions for more details.

Q. Do the systems such as benefit packages also apply to members with disabilities?

Yes, they do.

See details here.