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Mercari’s engineering organization aims to be a place where engineers can go bold, choose the latest and best technology to use, and autonomously make decisions and take on challenges without fear of failure.

Open Positions

Message From Our CTO

Photo of CTO Shunya Kimura

At Mercari, we adopt a blameless culture throughout our engineering organization that encourages members to go bold, take on new technological challenges, and learn from failure. Bold challenges are crucial on the path toward achieving Mercari Group’s mission to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” Risk and failure go hand in hand, but with failure comes learnings that prepare us for even greater undertakings.  We aim to be an organization that never ceases this cycle.

The challenges we take on are informed by a culture of continuously learning from the newest technological trends and encouraging one another to grow and improve every day. That’s why we’re looking for new members who value the sharing of individual knowledge and expertise within the organization, and are committed to doing so consistently through learning sessions and various other means.

Another important factor is a shared belief in and commitment toward our mission. The goal of engineering at Mercari is to achieve the Group mission of circulating all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people. All of the decisions and strategies in the engineering organization are based on this mission. Those who understand the connection between the mission and their own work and are committed to achieving it will thrive.

Finally, we look for passion toward the services we provide. We are looking forward to working with new members who believe in the unique value that Mercari’s services provide, and who are excited to join us on the journey of trial and error toward achieving our mission.

Shunya Kimura
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

More About Our
Engineering Organization

Engineering at Mercari Group: An introduction to Mercari for engineers

In this presentation, we introduce you to the culture of our engineering organization, our tech stack and tech fields, and our selection process.

Onboarding for Engineers

After joining the company, new Mercari members start the company onboarding process. This applies to not just engineers, but every employee who joins the company. For engineers, this is followed by the engineer common onboarding, which covers information related to the engineering organization. This is followed by the technical onboarding, which will cover your particular specialty. Finally, engineers go through team onboarding within their team and with the assistance of their mentor.

Step 1. Company Onboarding

Step 2. Engineer Common Onboarding

  • Set up the environment necessary for development work
  • Learn more about our engineering organization
  • Increase communication with the leaders of our engineering organization

Engineers are provided with their GitHub credentials, security-related settings and other such items using Jira tickets in order to organize the development environment necessary for the engineer to do their work.

In this orientation we convey to new members information that we would like them to keep in mind about working as an engineer at Mercari such as our engineering organization’s vision, culture, development system, OKRs, and potential career paths available to members after joining the company.

Step 3. Technical Onboarding

Read the materials regarding each specialized area to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a Mercari engineer

The backend onboarding portal assembles the knowledge necessary for development work such as information on infrastructure, backend, and clients, which allows engineers to access the latest information at any time.

The client onboarding portal compiles the knowledge necessary for engineers to start their work such as information on setting up the development environment as well as summaries of architecture and projects, which allows engineers to access the latest information at any time.

Step 4. Team Onboarding

  • Understand the division of roles on your team
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for working on your team
  • Get support from your mentor and build relationships with your team members and stakeholders

Technical Training

DevDojo technical training

Mercari’s engineering organization fosters a culture of mutual learning and growth that enables our members to learn from each other, freely take on bold challenges, and grow together. As part of this training, we have implemented DevDojo, a technical training program with the objective of educating people beyond their individual expertise to allow them to acquire a broad range of knowledge. All of the content presented through DevDojo is created and delivered internally by Mercari engineers.

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Selection Process

In general, the selection process for engineers consists of document screening, a technical assessment (including a coding test), multiple interviews, and an offer meeting.

Step 1. Document screening

  • You can submit your documents (resume, etc.) in the format of your choice.
  • We do not specify any mandatory content to include in your documents. However, in order to help us determine whether you fit the profile of our ideal candidate, we recommend that you give a concise summary of your work history and include information on the businesses and projects you’ve worked with, what your roles were, the results you achieved,  as well as the goals and vision you’d like to accomplish at Mercari.
  • Please submit your application in either English or Japanese. Note that some teams and job types may require you to know a specific language. In such cases, we may specify which language to use when applying.

Step 2. Technical assessment

For the technical assessment, you may be asked to implement code that meets the specifications of the assessment. The code you implement will be checked according to our evaluation criteria by the engineers you are most likely to work with after joining the company.

About the coding test

  • As one of the technical assessments, you will need to take a coding test in order to confirm your computer science knowledge.
  • In the coding test, you will be asked to solve computer science/mathematical problems through code. During the test, you will be presented input values and be asked to write a program in order to produce the expected output values.
  • The test can be taken online and at a time that is convenient for you.

Step 3. Interview

  • Mercari interviews applicants to determine three things: enthusiasm toward Mercari’s mission, embodiment of our values, and culture fit. We believe that having a shared belief in the missions of Mercari and of each Mercari Group company and being able to embody our values to achieve those missions are very important parts of working at Mercari. In the interviews, we will ask questions about your past experience and whether Mercari is the right place to demonstrate your skills.
  • Telling us how you think you can utilize your past experience here at Mercari and what kinds of opportunities we can offer to help drive you will give both sides an understanding of whether the position is a good fit for you.