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Benefits and Communication Support

Mercari provides communication support and an original benefit package to enable individuals and the organization to demonstrate maximum value and performance.

Types of Leave

Annual paid leave

Mercari grants ten days of annual paid leave at the time of joining the company.

Note: The acquisition rate is 85.0% as of June 2023.

Sick leave (paid)

Mercari grants up to ten days a year for sick leave, for use during an injury or sickness. This leave is separate from annual paid leave. Employees are also eligible for sick leave when a family member of the employee, comes down with a sickness or is suffering an injury.

Note: Applicable to an employee’s spouse or partner, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, or pet.

Relax days (paid)

Mercari grants three days a year of relax leave, which is separate from annual paid leave. Mercari does not specify a time period for when employees can use their relax days.

Child nursing leave and caregiving leave (paid – partially)

Mercari grants up to ten days a year of leave that can be used to take care of family members including children or other family members who require the employee’s assistance.

Health-Related Benefits

Annual health checks

Mercari arranges for health checks once a year for all employees. In addition to basic health checkups, Mercari also covers costs for gynecological examinations and one-day comprehensive medical examinations. (The content of medical examinations may vary depending on the age of the employee.)

Financial support for influenza vaccinations

Mercari provides financial support for the influenza vaccination to employees who wish to be vaccinated.

Health consultation with a contracted public health nurse

For employees who feel unwell, etc., Mercari provides health consultation with a contracted public nurse qualified to address mental and physical health issues.

External counseling

Mercari employees can make use of the counseling services provided by qualified company counselors not just for matters involving their physical health, but also to discuss personal topics, such as careers, childcare, and caregiving, as well as matters involving psychological safety such as mental health and human relations.

Merci Box:A package that empowers employees to Go Bold

Mercari has established benefits to mitigate potential concerns of employees (alleviating concerns they may face during their time in the company) as much as possible, so that everyone can give their all. Within the company, we call these benefits “Merci Box.”

Note: Defining “hard times”
・Negative circumstances that we all face at some point in our lives
・Situations in which, regardless of individual efforts, the psychological or economic load that a person must overcome is substantial while any potential solutions are limited, eventually affecting the output and value-embodying behavior of the individua

Benefits/support during life events

Allowance upon returning to work

Mercari pays a lump-sum allowance to employees returning from childbirth/childcare leave, nursing care leave, or long-term medical leave.

Marriage leave and congratulatory money

Mercari employees who get married are granted special paid leave and congratulatory money.

Note: Applicable to registered, informal, and same-sex marriages, as well.

Childbirth leave and congratulatory money

Mercari employees who have a child born are granted special paid leave and congratulatory money.

Condolence leave and condolence money

In the event that there is a death in a Mercari employee’s family, they qualify for special leave and condolence money.

Financial support for fertility treatments and egg freezing

To counter situations where members might give up on pregnancy and childbirth to prioritize their careers, this benefit provides support to mitigate our employees’ uneasiness for the future by offering them with a range of assistance as life plan options.

Financial support for fertility treatments
Fertility treatments can be expensive, which is why Mercari provides monetary support for the various treatments available, regardless of income or age. In addition to each employee, the spouse or partner of the employee is also eligible to receive this benefit. Mercari pays up to two million yen per child.

Financial support for egg freezing
Mercari provides financial support to cover the cost of egg freezing, such as ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, anesthetic, cryopreservation, frozen egg thawing, and cryopreservation extension to extend the egg storage period. In addition to our employees, their spouse or partner is also eligible to receive this benefit (up to a certain amount).

Financial support for childcare

Financial support for non-certified daycare

If the child of a Mercari employee is unable to get into a certified daycare, we will pay the difference when enrolling them into a non-certified one. Mercari pays up to one hundred thousand yen per month.

Financial support for daycare for sick children

Mercari provides financial support to employees whose children have fallen ill and require babysitting or temporary care in an institution, without restrictions on the number of hours. Mercari pays up to 1,500 yen per hour.

Financial support for early childcare

Mercari provides financial support for the costs related to using a certified or non-certified daycare, or a babysitting service during the period from when the employee returns from childbirth leave until the child’s first birthday. This benefit gives employees more options in terms of when they return to work, allowing for more flexibility in career/life plans. Mercari pays up to one hundred thousand yen per month.

Safety line in times of need

Life insurance for all employees

All Mercari employees are covered by life insurance, which will support employee families in the even the employee should pass away. (Plans start from tens of millions of yen.)

Employee Stock Ownership
Program and Fund Matching

Mercari offers an employee stock ownership program with fund matching to encourage all employees to work together to improve Mercari’s businesses and corporate value, and as a result, share in the rewards. The company makes a matching contribution worth 25% of the funds that employees pay into the program. Mercari employees are therefore able to purchase additional stock equivalent to the amount of the matched funds. Contributions paid from employee incentives are also eligible for 25% fund matching. (Note: As of February 2024.)

Support Benefits

Club activities within the company

Mercari encourages its employees to freely launch club activities and covers costs incurred for activities intended to enhance communication within the company, regardless of whether they are online or offline (up to a certain amount). Under this system, Mercari employees who share the same interests congregate on Slack to chat about their hobbies, hold online and offline events, and interact on a level that erases the lines between teams and job descriptions.

Reimbursement for team-building expenses

Mercari actively encourages team-building activities for members to get to know people inside and outside of their own team. The company allows employees to expense food and drinks associated with these activities to the company. (These activities can be held online or offline, but there is an upper limit for expense reimbursement.) Recently, we have been seeing more offline activities to share in-person experiences with one another.

Insurance Benefits

Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Society

Mercari employees are covered by the Kanto IT Software Insurance Society. The Kanto IT Software Insurance Society provides various benefits, such as discounts at recreational facilities or financial support for personal travels.

Note: Those not covered by the Kanto IT Software Insurance Society, such as interns and part-timers, are not eligible for these benefits.