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Work in Japan

Mercari is home to members of over 50 different nationalities. Among them, there are also many who made the move to Japan to join our team. In order to help these members navigate their new life in Japan, Mercari offers a relocation package that covers every big step of the process. Both before and after you arrive in Japan, we provide support to help ensure a smooth and successful relocation process.

Relocation Support

Mercari offers a relocation package1 for new members who are moving to Japan from overseas to work with us. If you have a partner2 and/or dependents (18 years old or younger), we provide support for them as well.

Visa sponsorship and support

One-way flight ticket to Japan

Relocation expenses to ship your belongings to Japan

Temporary accommodation for the first month

Moving allowance to help cover initial housing costs and expenses for appliances, etc.

Support to get you settled in: resident registration, bank account, mobile phone, etc.

  1. The content of this relocation package may change depending on the situation, such as travel or entry restrictions. Please confirm the details with your manager or recruiter after you receive an offer.
  2. We also do our best to provide visa support for those in same-sex marriages and de-facto relationships. Please let us know in the early stages of the selection process—we will take this into consideration and ask you to provide proof of your partnership.

Relocation Stories

Four of our members share their stories on relocating to Japan to work at Mercari. Why did they decide to move? What did they struggle with? What has their life in Japan been like? Read about their experiences below!

@Cowana from Kazakhstan

Photo of @Cowana
  • Joined Mercari in March 2023
  • Machine Learning Engineer, Search and Item Understanding Team
  • Moved to Japan as a new grad after interning at Mercari
  • My life in Japan in three words: Tradition, Technology, and Harmony

@Asya from Russia

Photo of @Asya
  • Joined Mercari in August 2023
  • Software Engineer, LTVG Activation, iOS Team
  • Moved to Japan after traveling to Japan in 2019
  • My life in Japan in three words: Food, Nature, and Lifestyle

@Muktti from India

Photo of @Muktti
  • Joined Mercari in August 2022
  • Technical Product Manager, LTV Growth Team
  • Moved to Japan with her mother, babysitter, and twin boys
  • My life in Japan in three words: Balance, Innovation, and Tranquility

@Teo from the US

Photo of @Teo
  • Joined Mercari in June 2022
  • Machine Learning Engineer, Search and Item Understanding Team
  • Moved to Japan with his wife
  • My life in Japan in three words: People, Purpose, and Potential

Communities of All for One

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging. At Mercari, our members have created various communities to network with other members who are going through similar experiences. We have highlighted a few of the Mercari communities and resources that could support you in any bumps that you encounter along the way.

Slack communities


A channel for Mercari members who have moved to Japan, with topics ranging from suggestions for phone plans to daycare recommendations. 


A club for Mercari members with kids, where you’ll find posts about secondhand toys that people want to give away or questions about the schooling system in Japan.

Club activities


A club for Mercari members who are studying Japanese, with topics ranging from tips for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) to interesting words learned that day.

In-house tools


Mercari’s AI employee that probably knows about Mercari more than anyone else! He speaks both English and Japanese and can even translate documents for you. If you have any questions, Hisashi will likely have the answers or at least guide you in the right direction!

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