Privacy Policy for Recruitment Activities

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) handles the personal information of applicants pursuant to the Privacy Policy for Recruitment Activities* set out below. Please click here for the privacy policy regarding Mercari’s services (only available in Japanese).

1. System for managing Personal Information

Personal Information as defined in this policy refers to any information relating to an individual and that can identify that individual using a name, date of birth or other similar description, or an individual identification number, symbol or other code, image, or sound that is contained within that information (including information that cannot identify the individual on its own but that can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify the individual).

2. Applicant

Applicant refers to any person who provides Mercari with their Personal Information in connection with Mercari’s recruitment activities.

3. Management of Personal Information

Mercari will strictly manage an Applicant’s Personal Information to a reasonable extent to ensure that it is not unjustly accessed by a third party.

4. Person responsible for management of Personal Information

Takaya Ishiguro of Mercari, Inc.

5. Purpose of collecting Personal Information

Mercari will collect Personal Information to the extent necessary in order to hire employees to work at Mercari, including regular employees, contract employees, interns, and part time employees.

6. Use and third party provision of Personal Information

Mercari will not disclose an Applicant’s Personal Information to a third party or use such Personal Information for any purpose other than that set out above without obtaining the consent of the Applicant, except if

  1. Mercari has obtained the Applicant’s consent;
  2. Mercari entrusts all or part of its work related to the handling of Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of collection of Personal Information (including if Mercari entrusts all or part of its work related to the handling of Personal Information due to entrusting all or part of its work related to recruitment activities. In these cases, Mercari will endeavor to adequately supervise the work of the entrusted party, including by executing an agreement for the protection of personal information with the entrusted party);
  3. Mercari discloses or provides Personal Information in a format in which the Applicant cannot be identified, including in the form of statistical data;
  4. Mercari is requested to disclose or provide the Personal Information pursuant to laws or regulations;
  5. it is necessary in order to protect a human life, body, or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain the Applicant’s consent;
  6. it is particularly necessary in order to enhance public hygiene, and when it is difficult to obtain the Applicant’s consent; or
  7. it is necessary to cooperate in public affairs performed by a national or local government organization, and when there is a possibility that obtaining the Applicant’s consent would interfere with the performance of those affairs.

7. Entrusting due to use of a database server

Management of all or some Personal Data may be entrusted to a company with which Mercari has executed a contract, having determined that that company meets the standards for protection of Personal Information, and that carries out necessary and adequate supervision, by storing that Personal Information on that company’s database server. The work of the entrusted company is only to maintain and manage the Personal Information and that company may not disclose, provide, or use an Applicant’s Personal Information for any purpose exceeding that set out in Paragraph 5.

8. Consequences of not providing Personal Information

Mercari collects Personal Information for the purpose set out in Paragraph 5 and an Applicant may not be able to proceed in the recruitment selection process if they do not provide the Personal Information stipulated by Mercari.

9. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of Personal Information

If an Applicant requests that their Personal Information be disclosed, corrected, or deleted, Mercari will respond to that request appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If an Applicant wishes to correct any Personal Information that they sent to Mercari using the registration form, they may do so by re-sending the registration form with the corrected Personal Information.

10. Retention period for Personal Information

Unless an Applicant requests for their Personal Information to be deleted, Mercari will retain that Applicant’s Personal Information for a period of one year from the registration date, regardless of whether that Applicant was hired. If an Applicant requests for their Personal Information to be deleted during this period, they must make that request using the contact details set out in Paragraph 11.

11. Inquiries

An Applicant should contact Mercari at the e-mail address set out below if they have any inquiries, including requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of their Personal Information.
E-mail address: jobs(at)
*Please replace (at) with the @ symbol.

12. Changes to this policy

Mercari may make changes to this policy as needed without obtaining the prior consent of Applicants.

13. Other

Please check the following page for information regarding GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations).

*Recruitment activities at Mercari include screening candidates and events held by Mercari, including study groups and information sessions.

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