Mercari is actively looking to hire new graduates and interns.


    Mercari does not establish any limits on its members, regardless of factors like age, gender, and nationality. This applies to new graduates and interns as well. Go Bold, All for One and Be a Pro: These are our company values, and we believe that any member who embodies them is a valuable member to us. Our aim is to have everyone work towards the challenging mission of “creating value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell,” taking bold steps and not being afraid of failure.

    New Graduate Recruitment

    One characteristic of Mercari’s new graduate recruitment is that we hire individuals who can immediately put their skills to the test, just like mid-career hires. We provide mentors to temporarily support new members when they join, ensuring that they quickly move their way up to the front lines. New graduates are treated the same as any other member. Our aim is to have an organization where all are treated equally as professionals, and have opportunities to learn and grow.


    Mercari is actively looking for interns both domestically and abroad. Based on the candidates and their assigned teams, interns are hired for a set period of time (usually about 1 to 3 months) and given the opportunity to work on developing and improving features in our app. We hope that while working in the same environment as full-time members, interns will not only learn new skills and immerse themselves in the company culture, but also think about what they want to do and whether they can accomplish their goals.



    Mercari has people with diverse experiences and backgrounds working together to achieve our mission.

    Application guidelines (New graduates)

    Join date
    We hold an orientation for new graduates in April and October
    Available positions
    • Engineers (All)
    • Other positions
    There is no universal starting salary. Salaries will be offered based on your individual skills and value. After receiving an offer, if you acquire new skills through your school or an external program, your starting salary may change after joining the company.

    • Annual salary paid in 12 installments, once a month
    • Reviewed twice a year
    Work Location
    Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Work Hours
    • Fixed Working Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM
    • Flex Time System (Core hours: 12:00 to 16:00)
    • Complete health and social insurance
    • Incentive program
    • Employee stock ownership plan
    • Full transportation cost coverage
    • Sick Leave
    • Relax days
    • Seminar participation support
    • Language education support
    • Visa support
    • Maternity, paternity, and caregiving support

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    Minimum Requirements
    • Shared belief in Mercari and Merpay’s mission and values
    • Student over 16 years old, able to join in 2020 or later
    • Business level English or Japanese
    Selection Process (New Graduate Recruitment)
    1. Document screening
    2. Technical assessment
    3. Interviews (For machine learning candidates: Document screening→Technical assessment→3 interviews)

    *The number of steps is subject to change. During the interviews, we will ask about your skills, experience (research achievements, output as an intern, etc.) and what you wish to accomplish at Mercari or Merpay.

    Engineering Blog

    At Mercari, we frequently post information related to engineering and technology on our engineering blog.

    mercari Engineering Blog


    We provide training and support programs so that everyone working at Mercari is able to perform at their best.

    mercari Engineering Blog

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