Mercari provides a range of benefits to help employees embody our values

Work style

Flexible schedule

Mercari members work on a flextime schedule, with core hours of 12:00 to 16:00. (*does not apply to some positions)

The latest equipment

Mercari provides employees in engineering positions with the latest Mac OS laptop in whatever specs you’d like, and employees in non-engineering positions with the latest high-spec PCs. We also provide the latest smartphones and tablets as necessary so you can perform at your best.

Outside work encouraged

We encourage employees to pursue other work as they’d like: writing books, speaking at events, angel investing, consulting, etc.

Free drinks

Mercari members have access to free vending machines located throughout the office.


Seminar participation support

Mercari will cover all costs of seminars that you wish to join.

Book purchases

Mercari covers the full cost of technical books, business books, etc.

Mutual learning and personal growth

Mercari employees can participate in unique programs catered to their individual needs.


Language learning support

To help members of all different nationalities and cultures communicate easily, Mercari’s Language Education Team provides language study programs and original tests to match the level of each member.

Chat lunch

We hold regular casual lunches for members to practice chatting in the languages they’re learning.

Translation/interpretation support

Mercari’s Global Operations Team provides translation and interpretation support to ensure smooth communication between members of all different nationalities and cultures.

Life events

Our benefits system, which is loved and called “merci box” by our employees, was introduced in February 2016 in order to provide an environment where members can Go Bold to the fullest and give 100% both inside and outside of the office.

Maternity/paternity and caregiving support

We provide financial support to employees returning from maternity/paternity leave or providing care to a family member.
This system enables you to fully focus on your family and then welcomes you back to work when you’re ready.

Caregiving leave

In the event that you need to take leave to care for an injured or ill member of your immediate family, we provide up to 10 days of caregiving leave (5 paid) per year.

Financial support for fertility treatment

We know that fertility treatments can be expensive, which is why we provide monetary support (up to a certain amount) for the various treatments available, regardless of income or age.

Financial support for childcare costs

When your child is sick, Mercari covers the cost of special nursing facilities or hiring a babysitter with no time restrictions, so that you don’t have to worry about your child’s well-being.

Financial support for private preschools

If your child is unable to get into a government-licensed preschool, we will pay the difference when enrolling them into a private one.

Paid honeymoon leave and gift

To celebrate your marriage, we give you paid honeymoon leave and a monetary gift.
*Mercari’s definition of marriage includes registered marriage, common-law marriage, and same-sex marriage. Benefits granted to spouses apply equally to your partner in any such marriage.

Paid childbirth leave and gift

We provide you with paid leave to attend the birth of your child, as well as a monetary gift.

Condolence money and paid leave

In the event of a tragedy in the family, we offer paid leave and condolence money.

*The above items may change.