Mercari strives to be a place where organizations and the people within can grow.

    An open culture born from trust

    Mercari places great importance on mutual trust. Because trust is the basis of everything we do, we are able to maintain the transparency of information and create a flat organization. We refrain from creating unnecessary rules to bind members. This is because we believe that self-motivated thoughts and actions are linked to each individual’s growth and the strength of the organization. This culture, which we call “Trust & Openness,” guides us as we strive to find our ideal members and become our ideal organization.

    Every single member is a professional at what they do

    Mercari values the roles all members play in carrying out their work. Managers are professionals of managing, engineers are professionals of engineering—and both are important roles in the company. You don’t have to become a manager or hold a higher rank to be respected; we believe that every member of Mercari doing their job professionally leads to growth for the company and organization as a whole.

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    Frameworks to reward people for their performance and actions in line with our values

    Mercari places importance on contribution to and impact on the company, and evaluates members according to both their OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), which look towards the success of the company, and Values, which are shared across the company. In addition to reflecting on one’s own work (self-evaluations) and evaluation by managers, we use a Peer Review system, where members give each other feedback to encourage personal growth from as many viewpoints as possible. We also carry out various surveys to maximize the potential of the individual and the organization. We don’t stop at evaluation, either—we focus on the following actions and improving the team to create an environment where individuals can grow even more.

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    Diverse and creative opportunities to get to know each other

    Mercari provides various opportunities to encourage communication both within and outside the company. We have open-door sessions and team-building events where anyone can participate and exchange ideas regardless of team. We also hold study sessions and meetups open to people outside the company as a casual place for discussion on all sorts of topics. We believe that by actively getting to know people across departments and positions, we can strengthen our bonds, and improve our own performance.

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    Drink Meet up

    Mercari regularly holds various meetups. These events are a great chance for people who want to learn more about our product and service (or people who just want a taste of Mercari’s culture) to interact with our members.


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