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We work to achieve our mission with offices in Japan, the US, and India.





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Mercari Base Tokyo

An ever-evolving base for us to foster company culture and create new value for Mercari

We offer the Your Choice work style policy, where each individual and team can choose to work in the way that allows them to demonstrate greater value and that leads to the highest performance for themselves and their organization. As our employees have begun to choose more and more diverse work styles, our offices needed to evolve to match.

In September 2022, we renovated Mercari’s Tokyo office with the goal of creating a place where the entire organization can work more closely together to achieve our mission, whether online, offline, or anywhere in between.

Enter Mercari Base Tokyo. Not just an office; a space that encourages communication and collaboration to create new value. And as always, a place that embodies and cultivates Mercari’s culture. We gave this new office the name Mercari Base Tokyo in hopes that it will become a base that powers all of our employees to work to achieve our mission.


Boost Communication

Take a walk through the office and you’ll see plenty of unique areas to suit different needs: spaces built for large-group communication embodying Mercari’s culture such as company-wide All Hands meetings, open-door sessions, and offsites; a project area that teams can reserve for a certain time to work together offline; lounge spaces with big tables and sofas for casual chats; and more.

Support the Your Choice Work Style

We respect each individual’s work style choices, so we designed the office with both online and offline work in mind. Spaces like relaxation areas and phone booths for online meetings both enhance functionality and encourage seamless communication between employees in the office and employees working remotely.

Embody Our Foundations

In order for our employees to demonstrate our values to the fullest, we have four shared foundations: Sustainability, Inclusion & Diversity, Trust & Openness, and Well-being for Performance. By basing our office functions and design around these foundations, we support the cultivation of our shared values and facilitate decision-making and communication among employees.

Office Snapshots