Mercari’s business operations team is working to maximize the Mercari service’s potential for growth and provide new experiences and value to our users.

Business Operations at Mercari

At Mercari, we take on challenges every day in order to fulfill our mission to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people”. To achieve our mission, we need to boost Mercari’s brand awareness and ensure our users have the best experience possible on our app. Whether it’s people who have heard of Mercari but have never used it, users who buy but never list, or anyone in between, there is still plenty of room for Mercari to grow. The business operations team creates new touchpoints to reach out to these audiences, both online and offline, and contribute to the growth of the business.

Bold Challenge

Big Impact

Creating world-class services, organizations, and mechanisms

The Mercari app has grown into a service used by more than 20.00 million people every month, but there’s still enormous potential out there. There are an estimated 36 million people in Japan who know of Mercari and are interested in listing items. On top of that, we’ve started cross-border sales to people overseas who want to use Mercari, and items have been shipped to over 100 countries to date. The business operations team takes on challenges both online and offline to make a big impact on a global scale.

Micro Decision

Taking ownership, making decisions, and taking action in an evolving organization

Mercari’s ideal business operations team is a coordinated and flexible organization where each individual can take ownership of their work and make their own decisions. Instead of a top-down or a bottom-up approach, we treat everyone equally and respect each member’s ideas, utilizing them in user experiences and new businesses. We believe that the cycle of bold proposals and improvements not only improves the accuracy of our initiatives, but also encourages individual growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working to achieve our mission in a strong team leveraging each individual’s skills and diversity

Mercari places great importance on diversity within the organization. It’s not an easy task for members of all different backgrounds, including languages, cultures, skills, and values, to come together as one. However, we believe that by leveraging this diversity, we can inspire brand-new business ideas and build a powerful organization.



Mercari has people with diverse experiences and backgrounds working together to achieve our mission.

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