Data Analytics

Mercari’s data analytics team is working to support important decisions regarding the direction of management and the business using data.

Data Analytics at Mercari

At Mercari, we take on challenges every day in order to fulfill our mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell. To achieve this mission, we need to grow the business even further. The data analytics team plays an essential role in this, with tasks such as leveraging the large amount of data accumulated through the app, supporting business planning, drafting strategies, and creating analytics platforms. We make important decisions that influence management and business decisions. The team is made up of members with various skills and backgrounds, including engineers, analysts, strategy consultants, marketers, and corporate planners. We go beyond the typical duties of data analysts and remain involved in projects from the planning phase all the way through to execution. We have the advantage of a wealth of assets you can only get from a C2C marketplace with both buyers and sellers, and we leverage it to contribute to the growth of the company and business.

Bold Challenge

Big Impact

Creating world-class services, organizations, and mechanisms

In Japan, the Mercari app has grown into a service used by more than 20.00 million people every month, but our goal is to create value in a global marketplace. To do so, we need to look past the theories and rules that dominated decisions in the past, and take on new challenges. As the data analytics team plays a major role with large influence within the company, such as management goals and business planning, all projects are extremely difficult, but we believe that’s what makes our jobs have a big impact, both inside and outside of Mercari.

Micro Decision

Taking ownership, making decisions, and taking action in an evolving organization

Mercari’s ideal data analytics team is a coordinated and flexible organization where each individual can take ownership of their work and make their own decisions. Because each team member can make decisions at their own discretion, we propose many plans and strategies across roles and organizations. We need to be self-starters, coming up with hypotheses and problems and thinking them through on our own. One person’s ideas can influence the decisions of management and the business. Our proposals need to be both bold and elaborate, but we believe that this cycle both improves the accuracy of our initiatives and analytics and also encourages individual growth and career improvement.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working to achieve our mission in a strong team leveraging each individual’s skills and diversity

Mercari aims to create value in a global marketplace, and we place a strong emphasis on diversity in our organization and team members. There are many different specialties within the field of data analytics, including business, statistics, machine learning, and more. The experiences of working in these industries are also diverse. We believe that having members with different skills, cultures, and values provides us with a unique environment to discuss issues from various points of view. Having an environment and members ready to take on bold challenges and difficult issues is the thrill of working in Mercari’s data analytics team.



Mercari has people with diverse experiences and backgrounds working together to achieve our mission.

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