Mercari’s Marketing Team aims to increase awareness of the service’s potential, and provide valuable experiences to as many users as possible.

Marketing/PR at Mercari

At Mercari, we take challenges every day in order to fulfill our mission to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” In order to achieve its missions, Mercari needs to raise awareness and have as many people use the service as possible, as much as possible. Awareness of Mercari in Japan is already strong, but the next challenge will be strengthening the service so that it becomes a deeper part of people’s lifestyles. Mercari in its current state still has hidden potential, and there is still plenty of room to take on new challenges. We will focus on people who know about Mercari but have not used it before, and users who have bought items but have not sold before. We aim to make Mercari an ordinary part of those people’s lives, accomplishing this in a way that no other CtoC marketing strategies have done so before.

Bold Challenge

Big Impact

Creating world-class services, organizations, and mechanisms

The Mercari app has grown into a service used by more than 20.00 million people every month, but still has enormous potential. It is estimated that over 36 million people in Japan know of Mercari and are interested in listing items. To increase the number of contact points with new users, we will use new and bold marketing methods to raise awareness of the service from all angles, both online and offline. Mercari’s marketing will operate at a large scale and incredible speed from start to finish.

Micro Decision

Taking ownership, making decisions, and taking action in an evolving organization

Mercari’s ideal Marketing Team is a coordinated and flexible organization where each individual can take ownership of their work and make their own decisions. Even for projects with different purposes and targets, Mercari’s shared creative framework will not only ensure effective marketing, but also provide a system making it easier to make individual decisions. We believe that increasing the opportunities to make individual decisions will allow members to grow.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working to achieve our mission in a strong team leveraging each individual’s skills and diversity

In aiming to achieve its missions, Mercari highly emphasizes having members diverse in language, culture, skills, and values. Mercari’s Marketing Team uses research and analysis to plan its projects. The team is made up of members with diverse skills who work on establishing content marketing and digital marketing, creative works, and business growth utilizing communities. We believe that by leveraging this diversity, we can inspire brand-new business ideas and build a powerful organization.



Mercari has people with diverse experiences and backgrounds working together to achieve our mission.

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