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A Message from Mercari CHRO Tatsuo Kinoshita


Amidst these changes,
we are placing even greater focus on the values to which
we have held ever since the company’s founding.

Mercari empowers individuals through technology. We work to improve our services each day, aiming to become indispensable to our users and help realize the dream of a truly circular economy.

We are right in the middle of some major changes right now, as we work to grow our organization from a “village” into a “city.” Currently, our offices in Japan and the US boast 2,000 members, hailing from over 40 different countries and regions worldwide. Among our software engineering-related organizations in particular, non-Japanese employees comprise approximately 40% of the members. Some teams even see Japanese speakers in the minority.

This diversity extends beyond nationality, however. Many of our joining members also come from different backgrounds, be they from global tech companies, financial institutions, or other various fields and industries. This means we must all work together to better utilize each other’s unique strengths.

As our organizations continue to grow and membership diversifies, Mercari has begun shifting from a high-context culture built on implicit understanding and common ground to a low-context culture which focuses on intelligibility and eliminating ambiguities in communication.

Amidst these changes, we are placing even greater focus on the values to which we have held ever since the company’s founding. In particular, that means our three core values—Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro—as well as our commitment to Trust & Openness. This commitment helps us to develop a culture which keeps information transparent based on mutual trust and which doesn’t restrict itself with excessive internal rules and regulations. Regardless of how big our organization gets, these values will remain essential to achieving our mission and something which we want to see embodied throughout our organization.

Today, Mercari is the kind of company that enjoys determining best practice through a combination of proactive change and unwavering belief. This process naturally entails countless difficulties and many failures, but I believe that in finding solutions to those problems, we will elevate Mercari to the next stage.

As Mercari continues to grow from a village into a city, we too continue to make greater inroads as a company worldwide. In this age where not only companies, but society as a whole faces major transformation, we will put everything towards achieving our mission. I hope that you will join us as we Go Bold towards even greater challenges.

Mercari, Inc. CHRO
Tatsuo Kinoshita


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