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To everyone who is interested in Mercari.

Thank you for visiting our Careers site. We’ve compiled some important information and tips for anyone interested in working at Mercari, so please read through this page before applying.

Commitment to our mission

Mercari is a Japanese company with a mission of “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” Having worked to achieve this mission since our founding in 2013, Mercari is now in the middle of a transformation, growing from a startup to a company known around the world. There are so many valuable challenges that we can only face in this stage, and we believe that solving these challenges one by one will lead us to our goal.

Why we value our culture

Mercari has a culture which we have valued since our founding. We have three values: Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro. We also value “Trust & Openness,” which has given rise to a culture premised on mutual trust, where information is kept transparent and internal rules are kept as minimal as possible. Regardless of how big our organization gets, this culture will remain essential to achieving our mission and something which we want to see embodied throughout our organization.

Maximizing performance is important, but we believe that enthusiasm for Mercari’s culture and having a fun time working are crucial elements of a company that helps organizations and the individuals within grow. For more details, seeour Culture page.

Programs to help employees perform at their best

Mercari provides a range of benefits and support programs to help employees put out bold results. For details, seeour BenefitsandEmployee Support Program pages.

People at Mercari

Our members currently number 1,800 people. These members, working at our offices in Japan and the US, hail from around 40 different countries/regions and have a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. If you’d like to see more, check outMercan,Mercari Engineering, andLinkedIn, where we post snapshots into the daily lives of Mercari employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is strongly linked to Mercari’s mission as we aim to build a company environment where everyone can be themselves and work to their fullest potential. We work towards promoting D&I in true Mercari fashion, utilizing our unique combination of the experiences, knowledge, and views of our diverse members and our culture as a Japanese company. For more details, see ourD&I page.

Hiring process and working at Mercari

Seeour FAQfor more information regarding the hiring process, onboarding, and working at Mercari. If you have any other questions or concerns that aren’t listed in the FAQ, please reach out to us via email in the screening process.

Tips for the Document screening and Interviews

Document screening
  • We don’t specify a particular format for your resume and/or other documents. Please summarize your personal/career history concisely. (You don’t need to submit both a resume and a CV.)
  • You may include whatever you would like in the document(s) you provide. However, to help us understand you better and ensure we’re all on the same page regarding expectations, we recommend that you include what businesses and projects you’ve worked with, what your roles were, and what results you achieved, as well as the goals and vision you’d like to accomplish at Mercari.
  • Please submit your application in either English or Japanese. Note that some positions may require a specific language. In that case, we may specify which language to use when applying.
  • For some positions, such as designers, we may ask for a portfolio of past work.
  • Mercari interviews applicants to determine three things: enthusiasm toward Mercari’s mission, embodiment of our values, and culture fit. We believe having a shared belief in Mercari’s and Merpay’s missions and being able to embody our values to achieve those missions are very important parts of working at Mercari. In the interviews, we will ask questions to learn about your past experience and whether Mercari is the right place to demonstrate your skills.
  • Telling us how you think you can utilize your past experience here at Mercari and what kind of opportunities to push yourself we can offer will help both sides get an understanding of whether the position is a good fit for you. We recommend asking about these points in your interviews.
  • At Mercari, we recommend using the STAR method, an interview technique that helps you go into detail about your past actions. We want to get a thorough understanding of your experience and skills by asking interview questions about specific situations, tasks, actions, and results.

We recommend using the STAR method


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