The Security & Privacy team plays a key role at Mercari protecting the company’s information assets. Our mission is to create a safe and secure environment where our customers can enjoy Mercari’s services.

Security / Privacy at Mercari

The Security & Privacy team at Mercari is responsible for ensuring the security and privacy needs of the Mercari Group and is made up of various sub-teams covering different domains. We cover a broad range of functions, from overall security and privacy strategy, incident response, security policy and education, to secure design review, infrastructure security, security automation, penetration testing, vulnerability management and more. Our goal is to make sure that our customers can enjoy a safe and secure experience and to ensure that our information assets are protected.

Team Culture

Mercari has three core values: Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro. The Security & Privacy team apply these values in our own unique way. To our team, Go Bold means the autonomy to take on new challenges and excel in an environment that rewards going the extra mile. Mercari has an open culture, and the security team can get involved in various projects across the organization with ease. Push yourself to bring added value to projects across the company, integrate security into the process, and solve issues at a fundamental level.

All for One means working closely together with other teams across the company to foster Mercari’s security culture and develop our business with security as our top priority. We follow a shift-left approach to security and privacy, working closely together with other teams across all phases of product development: from defining requirements, to design, coding, testing, and release. Providing safety and security for customers is core to our service. Everyday we work hand-in-hand with developers, project managers, executives and other stakeholders with the security & privacy team supporting business growth and agility by creating scalable strategies, verifying early, verifying often, and ensuring security and privacy are a part of the process.

Finally, Be a Pro means keeping up with the latest trends and working with cutting edge technologies. Mercari uses a diverse andmodern tech stackand we closely follow best practices to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. The security team also likes to tinker with and develop interesting tools and new ideas. This allows us to meet our security needs and automate solutions to the challenges we face. We aim to constantly innovate to stay ahead of threats, think outside of the box to come up with ground-breaking solutions to challenging problems, and share our knowledge within the company and beyond. Push yourself to improve, develop new skills, contribute to the wider security community, and learn best practices as part of the team.

Bold Challenge

Big Impact

Creating systems, organizations, and services used around the world

The Mercari Group provides a wide variety of different services and is always developing new functionality for our users. The industries and markets our business is involved in are becoming more complex and more competitive everyday, and with that comes a broad set of ever-evolving security challenges to tackle. As a result, we need to take on bold challenges to stay ahead. That is why It is key that we have a diverse team who can make use of the latest technology and best practices to tackle the security and privacy challenges we face in this constantly changing landscape. On top of this, we need to take on bold challenges in a more proactive approach to security instead of just staying on the defensive.

Micro Decision

Taking ownership, making decisions, and taking action in an evolving organization

Take initiative, lead fundamental change, and build your own path in a culture that encourages you to take ownership and drive the team to success. Bring about fundamental change and work autonomously to create security & privacy strategies and solutions that solve issues at their core. Take on new challenges, and excel in an environment that rewards going the extra mile.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working to achieve our mission in a strong team leveraging each individual’s skills and diversity

Mercari’s mission is to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people”, and diversity is key to achieving this. The Security & Privacy team is one of the most diverse teams at Mercari with members hailing from across the globe. Diversity is core to our team’s success, ensuring we have a broad perspective in tackling issues, helping us challenge our preconceptions to take a more creative approach to work, and allowing us to learn from and support each other with a variety of different skill sets. We aim to provide an inclusive environment where everyone can work to the best of their ability to create a greater team, greater service, and greater security for all.



Mercari has people with diverse experiences and backgrounds working together to achieve our mission.

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