Mercari Restart Program

Mercari offers the Mercari Restart Program, a program that aims to support those who, due to personal reasons, had to interrupt their careers and want to return to the workforce.

Why we have this program

Labor shortage has become a problem for Japanese society. In addition, when employees have to interrupt their careers due to various reasons such as childbirth, childcare, or nursing care, it is difficult for them to return to the workforce or find a new job and utilize their skills to contribute to society.

For women in particular, even though the employment rate for those who take a career break has been increasing, the fact that full-time employment rate continues to decline after reaching its peak at women in their late twenties has become a problem in recent years.
After considering how Mercari can contribute to improving the working environment for women given these social conditions, we have decided to provide a program designed to help people restart their careers called Mercari Restart Program.

Additionally, in order to achieve Mercari’s mission of “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people,” we need to build and deliver a service that can include anyone and everyone regardless of their background. An inclusive service can only be created by people who also have diverse backgrounds themselves.

We hope that providing an environment that includes and enables those who have taken breaks in their career to take on new challenges without hesitation will help us create an organization—and ultimately, a society—that empowers everyone regardless of their background or their luck in trying to enter the job market.

About the program

Mercari Restart Program is a support program for people who have left the workforce once for various reasons and are now striving to restart their career. We will provide a 1-3 month paid internship program to people who, at the time of applying, are not working full time.

■ Work from anywhere in Japan

・From September 1st, 2021, Mercari Group has implemented a new work style called“Your Choice”that respects diverse working styles and allows you to work from anywhere in Japan.

■ Flexible work hours

・The program also gives members the flexibility to plan their schedule around the needs of children or other family members. Simply enter your desired period and number of weekly work hours when applying to the program.
*We may not be able to meet all of your conditions, depending on the position or team.

■ Compensation that matches your experience

・Mercari Group evaluates the experience of each applicant individually and offers compensation that matches their skills.

■ Work as a member of Mercari Group

・This program is designed to allow working professionals to experience a wide range of work tasks as a member of a Mercari team. At the start of the program, you will have the opportunity to set your objectives for the program with your mentor (a Mercari employee), and be taken through the proper onboarding. You’ll start working after that, and if, at the end of the program, you wish to become a full-time employee, you will go through the regular mid-career hiring process. Details will be shared after your application to the program.

Position Overview

The following items are common to all positions in this program. Be sure to check each job description for more details.

Minimum Requirements
  • Has an understanding of the Group’s mission and values
  • Has had to interrupt their career or leave their job due to circumstances such as taking childcare or childbirth leave, studying abroad, or changing careers
  • Is able to join a paid program lasting several months
    • With Your Choice, you can choose whether you want to work remotely or commute to the office.
    • Simply enter your desired period when applying to the program.
  • Has an interest in joining Mercari full-time at the end of the program (as a full-time employee, you are expected to relocate to Japan if the entry ban is lifted by then)
Employment Pattern Intern
Offices Variable

  • Mercari has introduced a work style policy called“Your Choice.”Each member is free to choose whether they want to work in the Roppongi office or fully remote.
Period / Work Hours
  • Period: 1–3 months
  • Work Hours: Simply enter your desired period and number of weekly work hours when applying to the program.
  • *We may not be able to meet all of your conditions, depending on the position or team.

  • Paid by the hour
  • Based on skills, experience, and abilities
Selection Process
  • Document screening -> First interview -> Second interview
  • *There might be some skill testing or tech assignments depending on the position.

Available positions

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