Mercari’s engineering organization aims to be a place where engineers can go bold, choose the latest and best technology to use, and autonomously make decisions and take on challenges.

Engineering at Mercari

At Mercari, we take challenges every day in order to fulfill our mission to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” We are continuously striving to create a society where everyone can do the things they like. In order to make this a reality, our most important job is to give our users the best experience possible. For that, Mercari’s engineering organization aims to be a place where engineers can go bold, choose the latest and best technology to use, and autonomously make decisions and take on challenges at a rapid pace.

Bold Challenge

Big Impact

Creating systems, organizations, and services used around the world

The Mercari marketplace app has grown into a service used by more than 20.00 million people each month, but our goal is to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” We’re not satisfied with just Japan—we want to evolve Mercari into a service used all over the world. To do so, we need to select the right technology for the job and create unique services and systems with our own hands.

Micro Decision

Taking ownership, making decisions, and taking action in an evolving organization

Mercari’s ideal engineering organization is a coordinated and flexible organization where each individual can take ownership of their work and make their own decisions. In order to provide the best user experience, everyone should be able to test out their own ideas. This is what we call “microdecisions.” We believe that the more attempts you make, the more accurate your strategies will become, and the more growth you’ll see as an engineer.

Diversity & Inclusion

Working to achieve our mission in a strong team leveraging each individual’s skills and diversity

Mercari aims to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people”, and we place a strong emphasis on diversity in our organization and team members. It’s not an easy task for members of all different backgrounds, including languages, cultures, and values, to come together as one, but we believe that treating these differences as strengths helps us create a strong engineering organization ready to compete on a global scale.


Robust Foundation for Speed

We aim for disruptive growth across all of Mercari Group. To support that, we’re working on a project to solve complex technical challenges and drastically strengthen the foundation shared across our businesses.

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We have engineers with many diverse backgrounds and experiences at Mercari working towards achieving our mission.

Event Reports

Mercari regularly hosts casual engineering events and study sessions.

mercari engineering

At Mercari, we frequently post information related to engineering and technology on our engineering blog.

mercari engineering

MERCARI GEARS Lecture Series

At Mercari, we are sending a lecture video for engineers that introduces the future direction and technical challenges.

MERCARI GEARS Lecture Series

Selection Process

The selection process for engineers consists of document screening, a coding test/technical assessment, interviews (2-3), and an offer meeting.

* This may vary depending on the type of work.
Document screening
  • We don’t specify a particular format for your resume and/or other documents. Please summarize your personal/career history concisely. (You don’t need to submit both a resume and a CV.)
  • You may include whatever you would like in the document(s) you provide. However, to help us understand you better and ensure we’re all on the same page regarding expectations, we recommend that you include what businesses and projects you’ve worked with, what your roles were, and what results you achieved, as well as the goals and vision you’d like to accomplish at Mercari.
  • Please submit your application in either English or Japanese. Note that some positions may require a specific language. In that case, we may specify which language to use when applying.
Coding test
  • We conduct coding tests to assess applicants’ computer science-related knowledge. Additionally, we may decide not to conduct coding tests for certain applicants depending on their abilities.
  • In the coding test, the applicant is asked to solve problems through code. These computer science/mathematical problems provide input values and ask the applicant to write a program which produces the expected output values.
  • The main languages that can be used for the coding test are Go, PHP, Python, Kotlin, Swift, Java, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Ruby, and Scala.
  • The test can be taken online and we’ll arrange for a time that is convenient for the applicant to take the test. The test takes around an hour and the deadline is in one week’s time from the initial invitation.
  • Please note that applicants may be assessed via a technical assessment instead of tailored coding test depending on their abilities.
Technical assessment
  • In the technical assessment, the applicant is asked to satisfy the provided conditions through code.
  • The applicant’s code will be reviewed by an engineer at the applicant’s prospective team. The engineer will review the code in line with Mercari’s assessment criteria.
  • Please make sure to double check that you satisfy the provided conditions, have written easily-understandable code, and that there is no unnecessary code.
  • Mercari interviews applicants to determine three things: enthusiasm toward Mercari’s mission, embodiment of our values, and culture fit. We believe having a shared belief in Mercari’s and Merpay’s missions and being able to embody our values to achieve those missions are very important parts of working at Mercari. In the interviews, we will ask questions to learn about your past experience and whether Mercari is the right place to demonstrate your skills.
  • Telling us how you think you can utilize your past experience here at Mercari and what kind of opportunities to push yourself we can offer will help both sides get an understanding of whether the position is a good fit for you. We recommend asking about these points in your interviews.
  • Please note that the number of interviews may change depending on the situation.
  • Refer tothis pagefor more information about the interviews.
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