Work Environment

From Japan to the world

Mercari Inc. was founded in Tokyo in 2013, and since then, the Japanese CtoC marketplace has been expanding not only in Japan, but also in the US. The Tokyo office acts as the HQ and is the main base for all of Mercari’s functions, supporting subsidiaries in Japan and overseas.


Mercari implements various systems for doing creative work more freely and easily.

  • Output is everything

    All product team members (engineers, designers, etc.) are on a flextime schedule, with core hours of 12:00 to 16:00.

  • Enabling peak performance

    Mercari provides employees with PCs tuned to whatever specs are required to get the job done. You are free to upgrade whenever new models are released, and we also provide dual monitors at your request. We also cover the cost of any technical books.

  • Seminar participation system

    Mercari will cover all costs of any seminars that employees wish to join, as long as they submit a report afterwards. And of course, seminars during work hours are also covered.

  • Think globally

    We offer a wide range of language-learning opportunities, from online English classes to language study support. Employees also have many opportunities to go on business trips to our US office and conferences.

  • The latest equipment

    If you’re doing product development, you’ll need to interact with both Android and iPhone on a daily basis. All iPhone users are given an Android phone, and vice versa.

  • Encouraging outside work

    Mercari encourages employees pursue their own personal projects–writing books, speaking at events, running other websites, etc. Of course, all extra income goes straight to you.

  • Easy access

    We have a bright, open office in Roppongi Hills. You are free to work however you like, with free workspaces and standing desks.

  • Free drinks